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35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42

Advertising, business appraisals, document reproduction, business and market research, public relations, statistical information, commercial information agency and personnel management and business management and organisation consultancy services ; services for the distribution of samples, for marketing studies and for the compilation of newspaper subscriptions lists, all included in Class 35.

Laminating, photographic film developing, metal treating and paper finishing and treating services, all included in Class 40.

Burglar alarm monitoring, chemical and technological research, computer programming and rental, copyright management, industrial and packaging design, engineering drawing, design and consulting, material testing, printing and security services; services for the provision of facilities for exhibitions and for the rental of vending machines; catering services; engineering consultancy, drawing and research; all included in Class 42.

Collection and delivery of letters and of messages; all included in Class 38.

Collection and delivery of parcels; all included in Class 39.

Services for the publication of books and for the delivery of newspapers; all included in Class 41.

Services for the installation and repair of burglar and fire alarms, of electric apparatus and instruments, of heating apparatus and instruments and of telephones; for the installation, maintenance and repair of office machines, apparatus and instruments; for the painting and the repair of signs; for the maintenance and repair of vehicles and of strong rooms; engineering construction services; all included in Class 37.

Banking and money exchange services; issuing of travellers cheques; all included in Class 36.

Post Office Limited

148 Old Street



Reddie & Grose

16 Theobalds Road



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