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Chemical products for use in industry, science and photography; chemical products included in Class 1 for use in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; artificial and synthetic resins; plastics in the form of powders, pastes, liquids, foams, emulsions, dispersions and granulates, all for use in industry; manures and fertilizers; fire extinguishing mixtures and compounds; food preservatives; detergents for use in industrial and manufacturing processes; enzymes and preparations containing enzymes, all for industrial and technical uses; chemical products for addition to foodstuffs and to beverages, substances for addition to lacquers, adhesive substances; preparations and substances for use in canning, all included in Class 1; tempering substances and chemical preparations for soldering; tanning substances and defatting agents included in Class 1 for leather; chemical products included in Class 1 for use as improving, finishing, sizing and desizing agents for textiles; dyeing auxiliaries being chemical products for use in industry; chemical products for use as additives for lubricants.

Röhm GmbH & Co. KG


D-64293 Darmstadt


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