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35, 41, 42, 44

Advertising services; data processing; marketing services; business advice and business consultancy; market research; employment agency services; recruitment services; personnel services; public relations; auditing; business research; collection of data from clinical trials.

Commissioned writing; computer-aided graphic design; design consultancy services; design services (excluding clothing design); creation of trademarks; development of software; expert witness services; preparation of reports relating to scientific matters; quality assurance consultancy, audits and control; medical research; website design and creating and maintaining websites.

Education services relating to health, medicine and pharmaceuticals; arranging and conducting seminars, conferences and symposia; publication of journals and medical texts; training consultancy.

Medical advisory services relating to medical and pharmaceutical preparations; medical consultancy services; healthcare services; preparation of reports relating to medical matters.

Amiculum Limited

50 Vineyard Path, London

SW14 8ET


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