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Business appraisals; business management assistance; professional business consultancy; business information; business inquiries; business investigations; business management and organisation consultancy; business organization consultancy; business research; commercial or industrial management assistance; compilation of information into computer databases; systemisation of information into computer databases; economic forecasting; efficiency experts; organisation of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; advisory services for business management; personnel management consultancy; marketing research; marketing studies; opinion polling; organisation of trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; publication of publicity texts; statistical information; consultancy relating to advertising, business acquisitions, business document management, business efficiency, business management, business organisation, business planning, data processing, management selection, marketing, personnel management, personnel recruitment, public relations, the establishment and running of businesses, the organisation of promotional campaigns for business, the preparation of business statistics and the selection of personnel, information and advisory services all relating to the aforesaid services; radio and television advertising; compilation, provision, storage and retrieval of business and commercial information; telephone answering services and message handling services; production, preparation and presentation of advertising matter; compilation of business directories; market analysis and research; compilation and transcription of data; preparation of business reports; sales promotion; database management services; compilation of advertisements for use as web pages; business information, advertising and promotional services provided on-line from a computer database or by means of web pages on the Internet; compilation and systemization of information into computer databases; database, interactive database, on-line Internet information, advisory and consultancy services and electronic database services; consulting in business services in corporate learning, knowledge management and organisation development, utilising real time, off line and on line delivery including Internet, intranet, extranet, DVD, CDRom and on the emergent technologies including non-electronic delivery; electronic and non-electronic services in the areas of business and corporate management, business processes and supply chain enhancements.

Provision of information relating to meteorological information, fashion, time; provision of information relating to computer software and firmware and computer software use, design, writing, development, engineering, licensing, updating, upgrading, research, maintenance and repair; providing access to a specific computer database.

Conduit Enterprises Limited

Conduit House, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3, Ireland


Olswang LLP

90 High Holborn



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