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16, 35, 38, 41, 42, 43, 45, 9

Business advisory, consultancy, research and information services (being information falling in Class 35 including statistical information); receipt, processing, storage, display, recording or retrieval of data; compilation, provision, storage and retrieval of business and commercial information; marketing, promotional and advertising services; data processing and database services; telephone answering services and message handling services; production, preparation and presentation of advertising matter; compilation and publication of business directories, market analysis and research; compilation and transcription of data; preparation of business reports; sales promotion; database management services; electronic database services for the provision of business information; compilation of advertisements for use as web pages; business information, advertising and promotional services provided from a computer database or by means of web pages on the Internet; compilation and systematization of information into computer databases; secretarial, typewriting and office services; transportation fleet management services; business customer relationship management and problem solution services; organisation, operation, management, sale and supervision of promotional, incentive and loyalty schemes; import and export services; rental and leasing of data processing apparatus; collection, processing and storage of data; database and interactive database and Internet information, advisory and consultancy services, all relating to the aforesaid services.

Providing access to and leasing access time to computer databases and to on computer services; electronic database services; writing, development, updating and design of computer software; computer systems analysis; recovery of computer data; information technology services; computer and software consultancy services; scientific consultancy services; testing services; laboratory services; engineering design and consultancy; research and development services; design and inspection services; legal services; information and data processing services; systems integration services; computer and telecommunications systems and networks analysis; computer network and time services; hire, rental and leasing of computer, electrical and electronic apparatus; intellectual property services; expert professional consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid services; database, interactive database and Internet information, advisory and consultancy services, all relating to the aforesaid services.

hibu (UK) Limited

One Reading Central

Forbury Road



Rouse & Co. International LLP

11th Floor

Exchange Tower

1 Harbour Exchange Square


E14 9GE

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